Fashion in the 14th Century
By: Ashley and Alyson

Fashion changes so much throughout history. In time periods you can see what the common fashions were. People in the Elizabethan era had a very distinct way of dressing. So read on to discover what you would be wearing if you lived in the 14th century.

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Clothing for all This is a great link for overall pictures of what was worn during Shakespeare's time
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Women's Fashion

Men's Fashion

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This site is good to visit to see the change of clothing, hair, and overall apperence during the Medieval time period.
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The Royals
  • Detail was usually very in-depth
  • Color also played a big role in the appearance of the clothing
  • Hair style was determined by what the king's hair looked like. In the early medieval: shaved even with the ears and curled at the end. Henry VI: shoulder length at sides and back with curled ends. Beards went in and out of fashion depending, again, on the ruler's preference.
  • Although their clothing was similar to the rich class, on special occasions it became apparent that they were royal because of the depth of color and details.
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The Rich
  • Detail was a big deal to show how rich you were
  • Also, the clothing would be made of silk or soft linen
  • The color of the clothing(usually a deep scarlet) would show the static of the person because dyes in the 14th century were costly to make and not very common
  • Lastly, usually the rich would have buttons on their clothing. These buttons were usually made of silver, if it could be afforded, or base metal. Sometimes, they were even made of wood. Yet, buttons were not a common thing in the 14th century.
  • Hair style followed that of the royals and so differed depending on the ruling king of the time.
external image 06_02_1365_1330_1350_1390.jpg

The Poor or Comon People
  • Clothing for the poor and common classes was not elaborate in details.
  • They also did not usually dye their clothing because of the cost.
  • Hair was usually short and not the same as the upper classes because they were the workers or servants and needed something easy to maintain.
  • Cloaks or coats were not used
  • Mittens or gloves were not in the possession of the majority of this class
  • A tunic and hose was the common outfit
  • Bare feet were common but the more fortunate had hard leather shoes

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