Women's Accessories in the 14th century

In this picture you can see the glorious necklaces and the hat
she wears on her head. This picture displays very well the
common accessories of a woman living in the 14th century

Hair Accessories

  • The hair net was a net made out of silk ad thread. The poor who wanted to stay with the latest fashions wore hair nets out of crepe. These nets were decorated with good trimmings and jewels.
  • Women added hair pins and combs to their hair.
  • Men's style hats were usually worn on their head in many shapes, styles, and colors.
  • Poor women wore handkerchiefs on their head to resemble the head cloths worn by the wealthy.


  • Round their neck they were decorated with large pendants made out of gold.
  • Earrings weren’t common. But, some sophisticated women wore pearl earrings
  • Women wore a lot of rings they were silver, gold, and with jewels. They wore these over gloves. Also on their wrists were amulets and bracelets of gold and with precious jewels.
  • Where ever they went they always carried around their looking glasses.
  • In order to customize their out fits they would add ribbons, bows, sewn pearls, cuts, slashes, puffs, and glass ornaments if they could afford to.


  • Some wear a white foundation and others go for natural or none.
  • The lips are red.
  • They also put a dab of cheruse on their cheeks